A Wicked Second Sleep

I am a master sleeper. Seriously, I could be a sleep coach.

Recently it was revealed to me that prior to the electric light, humans had two sleep periods in the night.  

Two sleep periods are normal.  

The first period would be soon after eating and sundown. One would sleep until they woke up hours later….the first sleep. Then there would be a quite period, perhaps reading, sex, meditation, praying or some other activity until one fell into their second sleep.

The second sleep was a deep REM sleep.

As I get older, I tend to go to bed earlier and have a period of wakefulness in the night. Now I know it is normal.

I take great naps too which is normal and healthy!

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Rock Chef said...

I am a good sleeper too - I can sleep anywhere at any time and under just about any conditions. When I used to work nights I could sleep while standing up!

Unknown said...

A good nap is worth more than gold. Or even unicorn eyelash dust. Which is a rare commodity, let me tell ya.

terri said...

I sleep well at night as long as I stick to my usual schedule - in bed by about 10 pm. I tend to wake up early - anywhere between 4 and 6 am. But if I get to bed much later than normal, I don't get good sleep. And I don't come back well from naps. I tend to be wiped out for the rest of the day when I nap. Now I wish I could figure out whatever it is you've figured out.