Cat Postulate

We use big plastic bins to store dog and cat food.

This morning I was pouring cat food in the bin and thought it would be clever to use the empty bag to clean out the cat box.

As I was scooping, I thought how futile this effort was. I pay good money to buy cat food and supplies, and in turn, they make shit.

The return on my investment should be enjoyment that the cat could supply, clearly out weighing the cost of food and shit cleanup.

It is a no brainer with a dog. A dog bubbles over in entertainment value, far beyond mire shit and cost of food.

But a cat? 

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Rock Chef said...

Cats are harder to do a cost-benefit analysis on.

Maybe they kill mice and stuff that might cause problems for the chickens if left unchecked?

Maybe by deciding to continue to live with you they show that you are nice people and that they aren't getting better offers elsewhere?

Who knows? Cats are a mystery to me!

Unknown said...

Dogs are masculine, cats are feminine.

Dogs are men, cats are women.

Dogs are boys, cats are girls.

That's how I got it figgered.

Ken said...

What blows me away about a lot of cat owners (in my experience, I think most) is that cats who use an indoor crapper which they walk, squat and bury shit in everyday are allowed to roam the counters of many, many cat owners homes. I don't get it I tell ya, I just don't get that.

terri said...

I'm with you 100% on this one. I hate to say it, but I won't miss the cat if and when he ever departs from this world. Lucy Pie, on the other hand? She's my best pal.