On the Cusp of Greatness?

Today I am flying without a parachute. By the end of the day, I could be the Steve Jobs of wings, or a colossal failure, because I have only tested this recipe in my mind.  

This is the new stuff…..I have chicken wings marinating in garlic infused olive oil, with Old Bay seasoning, and McCormick Montreal Chicken Seasoning.

This is tried and true…..These wings will be seared over hot charcoal then set aside to cook indirectly with hickory smoke for about 44 minutes.

Old Bay….don’t let me down.

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Phil a said...

Hey you still doing gigs for Amphibious Medics... I got picked up here in Chicago and wondered how your experience was with the company. Rescue diver specific tips and or info would be awesome.


Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Send me an email Phil and I'll let you know.

terri said...

You can't go wrong with Old Bay. I put it on shrimp and grill them. How did your wings turn out?