Good Morning

I took the day off...two Fridays in a row! I felt like breakfast but wanted someone else to cook it.

So I drive the Jeep into downtown Midland. This is our only light and the hub of local commerce.

I tried a place that is fairly new. Simple food, clean, good service. The locals were in there talking very vocally about politics. I picked up on some local news and history too without me saying a word.

They didn't much care for the President here.

The drive home I pass a huge field of feed corn. It is about time to harvest.

This is our one and only track. A train comes by maybe twice a day. I love the sound of a train. This is walking distance from my home.


Rock Chef said...

Cute train track! I guess just one train goes up and down, or are there sidings for passing each other?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is a short line that only has a switching yard in Charlotte or the other end down in Star, NC. Most of the trains are 10 cars or less and always freight.