I Am Absorbed

As you know, I am not a big reader of books. I do read constantly online about news, blogs, trends and sports.

But I can't seem to put down this "book" about Steve Jobs and his magical devices that he invented.

Yesterday I purchased Apple TV and Apple Airport Express. This is in addition to my iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac Mini.

I have no regrets because these are truly wonderful devices that I use every day.

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Ken said...

I made many, many parts for Intel back in the day.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Yes Ken....I still have one of those African Mahogany chips. It is beautiful.

Unknown said...

I worship at the alter of Steve Jobs.

Ken said...

No, back when the mighty stainless steel tree along with the majestic aluminum tree grew freely along the valley of silicone. I was an early pioneer under the leadership of Vanderhulst whose campaign lead the way to the chips of today.