There is a place out west called Bondovia.
The capital is located on the Bondorosa.
There is a dog.

In Bondovia the trees bear fruit.
The river bears meat.
There is a woman.

In Bondovia crops are planted.
Livestock roams.
There is a man.

In Bodovia they celebrate.
They also contemplate.
There is a dog, a woman, and a man.

They love Ringo.
They have abundance.
Music fills the air.
They celebrate with food and wine.

Bondovia is now silent.
I miss Bondovia.


Ken said...

Bulls eye!

So very well said!

Makes me want to cry!

It can't be dead!

Why Oh why!

Did he go to bed?

Bondovia, Oh Bondovia,

Come back and feed our head!

Unknown said...

Bondovia is in a state of suspended animation, and I am Dafffy Duck with his bill spinning around his face.