Freedom To Choose Your Sausage

I live in a diverse country where at the top of the pecking order are gay black men; followed by gay white men all celebrating their gayness and everyone is happy.  And I say, good for them.

Moving along the pecking order are lesbians (angry and nice) celebrating their lifestyle.

I am not aware or have never been exposed to lesbian black women but I am sure they would fit into the previous sentence.

Then in order of importance there are the poor, those without healthcare, homeless, and children, Hispanics, “Hard working Americans (blue collar), the retired, the disabled, and the elderly and so on.

Finally it gets down to the dregs of society, the white Anglo Saxon Protestants with a good job, in a long term marriage, and pay a shitload of taxes.

Unfortunately that sentence describes me and I am so ashamed. Everything bad in the world is my fault and I am very well aware of that fact.  Worse yet, I used to be a republican before I told the party to kiss my ass 15 years ago. That stain is still on my soul and it just makes me a super bad man. Even worse, I am a southerner responsible for all kinds of horrific things done hundreds of years ago.

So once in a while I quietly celebrate my whiteness, in the closet as not to offend, and do something my white ancestors did for hundreds of years.

Today I made sausage…not just any sausage but Polish sausage. Just like my grand mother in law used to make.

The meat has been ground and the spices have been added. A test patty of two was fried to check the seasoning and I swear I think we have a winner. Tonight the mixture will sit in the refrigerator to meld flavors, and tomorrow comes the link making. 

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Ken said...

It's true, the white folk, the pasty whites of the human population are being persecuted in these times. Yellow, brown, black, dirty, clean, educated, not educated, gay, diaper wearers, leather wearers, socialist government take advantagers, animal lovers (in a bad way), have all seemed to have gained some momentum against Gods white supreme homo-sapiens. Tough times for sure.

But everybody, loves sausage!