Scuba to Me

People are not meant to be under water breathing and this excites me.

Water is just as life threatening environment as outer space, and this thrills me to no end. Every instinct you have, will tell you that being under water is not good for you, and it is a rush.

What scuba diver training will do is try to reteach some of those instincts, hopefully so well that you are not stressed about it. If something goes wrong, flight responses kick in and you must overtake instinct, and I get a big thrill from this. It takes a bit of time to learn to recognize, and respond correctly to these instincts.

Sometimes when I dive I think about what could go wrong and I plan how I would handle it. Sometimes I look at my buddy to see how his stress level is.

Plus...I am friggin weightless! I can fly like a slow bird or hover like an astronaut. This is priceless.

I encounter sharks and again the rush meter goes up to the red line. There is danger in sharks my instinct tells me.

Underwater ground formations are sometimes as foreign as Mars.

All the rest, like these pictures below are so secondary yet most divers dive just for this. They excite me as much as finding a box turtle in my driveway or a maggot on my garbage can. Just incidental encounters with unique creatures. If I only dived to see strange animals I could just roll over a rotten log and be entertained with all the strange life without going underwater.


Unknown said...

Now I know.

Ken said...

Maggots are always a thrill, for sure!