Here Is How It Went Down

Fresh, "real" Polish Sausage (PS), is hard to find in North Carolina. I used to buy frozen PS at a deli that was made in New York, but they went out of business a few years ago.

The first time I ever had PS was at Gigi's grandmothers house in Chicago 32 years ago. It had a unique flavor, and wasn't smoky or over cured like the stuff they claim to be PS in NC.

So, I had the urge to make some PS because one uses the same meat that we use for pulled pork BBQ, and it is on sale now. I alway buy pork shoulders when they go sale. After all, football and BBQ season is soon.

First, I ground the meat with the fat that was marbled in the meat naturally.

I added flavorings and tested the mix to make sure the outcome was what I desired.

Nope, so I added a few more flavors and the aroma proved I was correct.

Then I reconstituted the hog casings...they kind of smelled a bit.

I stuffed three sausages connected and they look like the real deal.

Here is a scale of size. They are about 1/2 pound each.

Eight total. Big old sausages.

I shrink wrapped them individually and froze all but one real big one that we will eat for breakfast. I have some in the travel trailer.

Depending on how good it is I may do another batch in the morning.

Can't wait until breakfast.


Ken said...

I'm confused that Phfrankie hasn't commented on this process of stuffing pink stuff with flavors of ones liking into gut like sacks of tissue from a pig. It baffles me!

Unknown said...

Blogging of the Highest Degree, Sir!

The layout!!

The subject!!

The prose!!

And it baffled Ken!!

terri said...

If you ever happen to be in this area, you need to go to Kramarczuk's. My Polish dad goes there every year before Easter to get Polish sausage. The true, real stuff.