I love Kickstarter. For those who don't know, Kickstarter is a place where you can back some poor slob like yourself, that happens to have a great idea, and no money to develop it. In turn you get to buy whatever they are selling at a discount. Usually it is cutting edge.

Most of the time the financial needs of the inventor are way smaller than most banks, money centers, brokerages, or other traditional sources of capital, yet the need is insurmountable to the poor slob with a great idea.

Before I buy I make sure that there is a working prototype and that I really like the product and will use it.

Today I just backed a MagBak. This is cool and I'll use it although it appears it will not ship for some time.

I have also backed several scuba gadgets that turned out to be very useful.

In addition, just last I ordered 4 GPS tiles that can be attached to whatever I might loose like a wallet or keys. Then with the help of a handy App I can locate my lost items.

Capitalism at its finest. Kickstarter.


Ken said...

Yeah, Kickstarter sounds good, for the little guy, I have a few recent links I could send you to describe capitalism at it's worst, but I know you'd rather not get lost at that end of the money train. Can you get a tile for that? :) I KNEW you'd buy tiles as soon as I saw them!!!!!

Unknown said...

I have some left-over tiles from the bathroom remodel of Unit B.