Ginnie Springs

Today Gigi and I make our way to Jekyll Island for some R&R.

My trusty house sitter will take up where I leave off and watch the place and critters for us. Plus I have the controversial security cams around to look for myself.

Anyhoo, I'm taking the dive gear and hope to dive the natural aquifers of Florida on Friday. The water is crystal clear and is fresh. It has a constant temperature of 72 year round.

The aging, yet still functional yellow boys will make the trip.

I hope to hook up with Kenny briefly on Tuesday. I might just bring the yellow boys for him to see.

Lastly, our dog Carly left me some shit art this morning in the cold morning air.

She has the uncanny ability of making her turds stand on end.


Unknown said...

What? No panoramic shots of the Magical Mystical Gymnastic Turd Family?

The HD close up is nice, but I feel that the subject would benefit greatly from a wide-angle pano.

Thank you in advance.

Affectionately yours,


Ken said...

So sorry! We hit the road on Tuesday before 10 AM going north to Kingston to close on the big house in the snow bound town by the lake. We'll be back after T-Day

Rock Chef said...

That was a crappy post!

terri said...

You really did that! Posted a picture of dog poo! Now Lucy's going to expect me to post her turd now too!