Safe Passage

Through glaring highway lights, and old folks floaters, I managed to get the rig in at 6 hours.

We arrived at Jekyll Island about 7 PM and were escorted to the one open slot by the campground host.

This time of year the campground is packed with Canadian Snowbirds so I expected the only vacant site to be shitty, and I wasn't disappointed.

It was tight and there were many trees. 5 road weary border collies were nervously panting and I slowly and deliberately brought the trailer to a rest.

Tomorrow I'll make adjustments in the light of day.

I hooked up the external utilities while I could hear Gigi inside getting things set up.

We were tired and it was grouchy time for both of us. I was tired, hungry and was past due for that evening glass of wine.

After a while, all critical life support systems like cable, wifi, power and water were brought up to standards.

Leftover spaghetti and a glass of red wine was mighty fine.

Location:Riverview Dr,Jekyll Island,United States


Ken said...

Glad you made it through a tough road passage, sounds like it was borderline on the fun/crap line.

We get to go drive in the snow for the next two days!!!!I imagine we also will have some grouchy time. Just the thought of going there in the snow.....arrggggh

Unknown said...

Leftover Spaghetti would....