Security Cams

Costco has security cams on sale that operate on wifi. They are two for $165. I couldn't resist.

So I set one up at the parking area and entry to the rear of the house. It is dark and I can still see with the fancy technology.

Front porch, and she is dead on.

Earlier, while testing in daylight, I saw my black cat, Millie.

Cool beans I tell you.


Ken said...

I don't get it I tell ya...I just don't get it!
I know you think that leaves me flogging around in the past but I just don't ...get it!

6 coats of poly on your tailgate bar and all the rebuilding of it, I get! Chickens, eggs and horses that need tons of food yearly...I get! Dogs, cats and unlimited love and caring for them...I get.

Security cams where you live, nope, I just don't get it!

Unknown said...

May I respond to Ken.

Thank you.

Ken: You don't have to get it. You don't need to get it. For all we know, wReggie doesn't even get it.

what I see here is simply a person who has found a new toy; a technology-enamored man who marvels at the magic that technology brings to this life, much as we all marveled at the sight of a man walking on the moon.

I seriously doubt that our friend bought these cams out of paranoia or fear for his life or property, rather I will guess that when he views these cams he feels much like an astronaut in a comand module.

I believe our pal wReggie is simply having a ton of fun.

what's there to "get"?

some people don't "get" the concept of wanting to tote a bag of their own
dried poop to the dumpster.

Ken said...


Ken said...

I'm going to ban myself, it's the right thing to do.
You all won't even miss me!

Unknown said...

Come back, Kinny!

I didn't mean it!

I kid, because I love!

Don't you dare ban your self!

It's all in fun!

Unknown said... must chime in....

Did I do bad?

Am I mean?

Did I overstep the boundaries?


Ken said...

So much sensitivity.....

...wait, who's blog is this?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Ah yes.....I was with family all day in Durham having Thanksgiving. And, when I had the time, I checked on my horses and saw them in the pasture. I heard the dogs bark. All was right in my world.