Rich or Poor

If I were a rich man, November 15th would be the time that I would bid farewell to the long latitudes and take up residence at around 17 degrees north on St Croix. There is a lot going on this time of year down on the island. Goodbye to bitter cold until my return in time for The Masters in April.

But I am not a rich man so let me fill you in on some poor man deals.

Quite by accident the other day I was craving protein. I pull into a McDonalds drive in and ordered a double hamburger. "That will be a $1.07"

What? Only a dollar?

They hand me a sizable little burger packed with two regular burgers and it hit the spot. For one frigging dollar. All that food!

Second deal, I'm in need of a winter jacket. So while in Walmart I find a damn nice warm winter jacket, with hood, for $29.00. My Tuesday bar tab is $29. $29 for all that warmth.

Next time, I see the card board sign, I know I can change a homeless persons day for $30.


Unknown said...

You could buy two McDoubles and half a coat for $16.50 and have enough left over to put a down payment on a pony.