In Game Experience

I have participated in every home NFL game this year but have only attended one game against Seattle, one that we lost.

Prior to this year, I attended every home game since about 2001. Prior to that I attended at least 4 home games a year since the franchise started in 1995.

I am an NFL fan and a Panther fan through and through. But, I no longer care to attend the live event, TV has trumped the in game experience. I watch the game at home, on my tailgate wagon, or at my club.

Parking has gone from $15 to $25 per event. The mayor of Charlotte owns our lot and knows when he can charge a premium.

To and from the stadium is a two mile walk. Once inside it is another hike to the seat. One must stand in line to get in, to buy a $12 beer, or to relieve oneself. There are fans around with opposing opinions, hot sun and bitter cold are exhausting.

Inside the bowl is spotty wifi and constant video commercials pounding in local sponsors like Bojangles and Harris Teeter.

Tailgating, plus HD TV and Sunday Ticket have definitely trumped the in game experience for me and a lot of fans.

I look forward to our next home playoff game from a tailgate and TV experience.