It Started

I love new apps especially when I can monkey around with faces.

I started the barn project by buying my first crow bar....a 36 incher. It didn't work so well so I called my pal Phfrankie and he filled me in on the prying sciences.

It finally started working.

Real good in fact.

I broke my hickory hammer.

I'm gonna have to deal with some rot.


Ken said...

Sister it baby!!!!

Unknown said...

I gotta tell ya...she looks like a 60 incher laying in that truck bed.

I believe the damage done to the bottom of that stud was caused primarily by termites. Notice the vertical tunnels and the small piles of dark matter on the sill plate.

One can only assume that you used your hickory hammer (she looks like a 16oz. curved claw)where you should have been using Ol' Yeller.

Carry on. (Phine blogging, sir)

Affectionately Yours,

The Saccamenna Kid.