We Are Beside Ourselves

The phone is ringing throughout the day. My Facebook dings.....then I get a text. All tailgate buddies.

This town is rocking over finally getting a home playoff game.

Sunday may be our last tailgate of the season that we thought was over anyway. The only way for another home game is 49ers loose and Seattle looses. Then we would face the Saints at home for the NFC Championship. But that is getting ahead of the facts.

The 49ers are great but so are we. It is going to be a great, tight game or an embarrassing blowout.

We will have plenty of beer, flank steaks, meatballs, shrimp skewers, chili, wings, and steak/chicken/ham/sausage all rolled into a roast cooked with hickory smoke over charcoal.

Then we will watch the game at the tailgate. That is the good life.


Unknown said...

Will there be chips and dip THIS time??