Tailgate Upgrades for 2014/2015

Our stadium is getting major upgrades over the next few years which include escalators, a new sound system, and a bigger HD Scoreboard. Bla bla bla.

As for me and my tailgate wagon, I plan first of all to increase seating capacity by 33%, yes I am adding two more bar stools.

I am going to get this trailer wired so I can loose all of the drop cords.

A can opener will be installed.....found out I needed one about every other game. Plus it will look darn cool. You know, old school mechanical with the handle.

The biggest addition will be the double grill deck with the magic wing cooking machine. I'm still developing the concept. I would like to have it wired with pop up work tables and a big ass btu single gas burner between the grills.

Now that sounds good.


Ken said...

Awning, sunbrella folding Bimini top with storm or sun shades at all the edges.

Unknown said...

Oooooo...an escalator!