Tailgate Retirement

It is strange to be seasonally retired from tailgating. I swear it was our best season ever. Big crowds, good food, good weather and tons of friends showing up.

Now, as tradition holds, it is time for some home projects.

The barn needs some love. About three rows of siding will need to be replaced. Not bad for a 25 year old structure that I built using pine off of my land. Then a new gate is in order. I'm thinking a walk through gate.

Next the land needs some TLC with leaf blowing and general straightening up.

Finally I'll starts working on the grill project and gradually get ready for spring and outdoor living. I know I will be in full spring mode after St Croix.

Prediction for the Super Bowl, Seattle vs Denver and Seattle wins with a defensive crush. Or maybe the 49ers vs New England. I'm bad at this stuff but I will be watching.