It's Been Cold


Seriously, even for us. 7 is brutal.

This year marks 30 years that I have been in my chosen profession. Damn.

I have worked since I was 14 which is......44 years working for a check. Damn again.

I still feel young, now that the back thing is mostly behind me. But I realize I am slowing down.

Grateful to have had a career I love and still do love. Grateful.


Ken said...

The way you said that.....working for a check, made me feel bad.

I have lived most of my life avoiding that whole thing. Of course I had to 'work for a check' many times, but I avoided it much more than having had, to do it. I'm a very lucky man.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh I have always done what I love except early on. About 35 year of employment bliss. Spent 90 minutes in a nursing home yesterday visiting a client and we had a wonderful conversation. All the while the fee clock was ticking too. This ain't a philanthropic job.

Unknown said...

Can I charge my Auntie Eve when I visit her at the Home?

terri said...

You're a glass half-full kind of guy!