More Reasons to Love St Croix

Cool chickens.

Nifty beaches.

It's for lovers.

Great diving.

Nice people.


Great operators.

Bright flowers.

Cool buildings.


Rock Chef said...

OK, there must be something bad about the place...

Unknown said...

Do they have chips and dip?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

the bad stuff is corrupt government, ineffective police, very high power costs, high unemployment, us vs them (dem) with blacks vs whites, blacks control government and assert control over business owners who are mostly white. You will get your car towed for most any thing (ting), and they run low on groceries between deliveries. Oh, they don't tailgate.

They do have chips and dip.

Ken said...

I feel sorry for the blacks in the Caribbean. Dey bin trod on dems whole life.