Super Bowl

I'm sticking for the Broncos this year. I never pull for the AFC. But I'm pulling for the Broncos because:

Peyton Manning has a swell, reasonable, haircut.
Peyton Manning says, "Omaha" a lot and that is cool.
I hate the Seahawks.
Peyton is funny on commercials.
Peyton is nice to his sissy little brother Eli.
Peyton is old and he needs his second Super Bowl title.
I like it when I hear, "Omaha, Omaha" and it it makes me want a steak.
Prior to the snap, no quarterback is better shouting audibles than Peyton.
Peyton is a better quarterback than Andrew Luck.
Peyton did his quarterback rehab at Duke University in Durham. Durham is my home town.
Peyton endorses pizza and I have never met a pizza that I didn't like.
I don't know anyone else on the team except the coach, and we threw him away.
Seattle is famous for rain, coffee, and screaming. That is shitty.
The Panthers should have beaten Seattle but Williams fumbled a break away run at our house.
Seattle's star corner back is a loud mouth punk.


Unknown said...

You make a convincing argument, sir.