It Is Done

Meet Ruby.....Gigi's new truck.

It was a strange day...didn't expect to buy a truck although I was looking. I had lunch with my sister and brother in law and mentioned that I was looking for a new Ford truck.

Come to find out that my BIL is pals with the owner of Conway Ford in Conway, SC.

Name dropped and the sticker went down 13% on a diesel, in high demand. A super price on a very nice vehicle.

I am keeping my truck and taking it off heavy duty for long hauling where this luxury truck will fit in. The trip down to key west will be much more roomy and comfortable.


Unknown said...

nice try reggies new truck named gigi's....old trick sir

Ken said...

I agree with John...nice try!

Unknown said...

Ruby was my grandma's name.

(and quite possibly will be my grand daughter's name)

I am touched.

dGarry39 said...

Sounds like a great deal on that truck. Diesel trucks are truly remarkable haulers, just make sure to always keep up to date on maintenance.