The day of observance for some holidays can get rather complicated. We just finish Memorial day and that falls into the Monday Only category. You can count on that holiday and others like it such as Labor Day to be a Monday only event and you plan acordingly. It makes for a nice short work week following the holiday.

Monday now is actually Tuesday, which is hump day eve, etc. Before you know it you are planning Friday golf and it's the weekend again.

Then you have holidays like Independence Day which falls on the 4th of July that can be celebrated on the weekend, but you get a makeup day the following Monday because you got cheated a day off. This is the ideal setup to have three day off.

But then it can get messy when the holiday falls mid weeks. What days should you take off to make this last? How many years do I have to wait for the holiday to be either on Friday, Saturday Sunday or Monday to get the sacred three day weekend? The probabilities are in your favor.

Then there's Thanksgiving that is going to be the same no matter what. I like that. You can hang your hat on that as soon as you figure out which Thursday in November, then you are done.

Christmas on the other hand sticks to an actual date. I do believe you get a bonus Monday off in some work environments if Christmas falls on the weekend. But what the hell are you going to do with another day off on virtually the shortest and coldest day of the year? "Oh great! I have a day off and it's dark and bitter cold!" What a rip off.

Halloween on the other hand is very flexible. There is an actual day on the calendar but it's just as likely to be celebrated at a different time locally. This holiday is a waste as an adult. Some places of business encourage goofy dress on Halloween but that is the extent of it.

Easter is a real wild card. You aren't sure when it will be except it will be in either March or April. The holiday weather can be either cold or warm.

Then there are personal Reggie holidays to keep up with and plan around like The Masters (first weekend in April) and the Kentucky Derby. Opening weekend of NFL and the Super Bowl fall into this category. You know approximately when it will be but aren't sure until you see it in print.