Sunday, May 14, 2006 We had a great night's sleep.

The bags did not come in. I called a nice lady computer at American Airlines and she told me this also. The lady computer was happy that she could help me and asked me to call again later.

This is a nice beach. I took and early morning walk.

I always wondered where all the birds and animals were in St Croix. Now I know. They stay in the rain forest. Everywhere there are loud happy birds and loud happy frogs. The frogs scream all night and the birds sing all day. You get used to it.

It's not as humid today.

A knock at the door and the bellman yelled' “your bag is here!” It was just like Christmas morning. We could brush our teeth and comb our hair. Oh joy!

Margaret and Ken enjoy Mother's Day at the Buccaneer
We took our friend Margaret and her Son Ken out for Mother's Day lunch at the Buccaneer. It was a nice long pleasant lunch catching up with her.

The restaurant was on the waterfront looking out over Christiansted harbor and the mountains beyond. The wait staff was excellent and the food was fast and fresh. The deserts were outstanding. Gigi had the rum cake and I had the chocolate-chocolate cake. We both had a fried fish sandwich and fries.


On the way back to the room I strolled down to the beach bar and got a rum punch. Heck, it's 2:30ish and I'm on vacation. Right Don?

Gigi stopped off by the gift shop and I'm deciding whether to snorkle or take a nap. I'm starting to unwind and enjoy the island.

I did both, a great snorkle and a killer nap.

Okay…I have found the deal. There is a wireless connection at the open bar here at Carambola. It s the only connection I have. Dial-up to St Thomas isn't working. And to top it off, there is a happy hour from 4PM to 6PM at this bar. $1.25 for a domestic beer. So I have strategically arranged my schedule to upload the blog and download email at…..guess what time? Happy hour!!!