Sign from Home

I mailed a 2005 US Open Pinehurst #2 sign to my favorite beach bar in St Croix. My old friend Bruce Crockett gave it to me after the open last summer.

The beach bar is located across from Cane Bay Beach next to Cane Bay Dive Shop. It used to be called Cane Bay Beach Bar and was renamed with new owners the Full Moon Beach Bar.

The old cane bay bar had lots of signs and license plates from all over the US mainland. I think the old owner took all the signs when he sold the place. They were missed on my trip in February. I noticed a few signs starting to fill the rafters when I visited in May.

So I thought the thin metal US Open sign would make a nice addition to the rafters. Somehow I like knowing my sign is down there and I will enjoy looking at it again in Feb 2007.

Full Moon Beach Bar is one of my favorite places. It looks out over the Caribbean and it is completely open air. The food is good and the owners are friendly.

I'm glad my sign will decorate the rafters.