Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - This place has a very cool shower. It's a 5X6 tile room with a slat dark mahogany wooden ceiling. At one end is a shower curtain and the other end a wooden slat window. Just a few turns and you are wide open to the Caribbean. Its like showering outside. No glass and no screen.

At this resort the ability to communicate with the outside world is abhorrent. So far dial up isn't working. Mobile phones don't work. Most of the time no one answers the phone at the front desk so they can't send an incoming call you. And the wireless internet works only on a cloudless day and the signal is weak at best. I can make outgoing land line calls to the mainland at $3 a minute. Imagine calling you attorney back home and have the clock run at both ends!

We went on the beach this morning. The snorkeling wasn't good today. The surf was churned up a bit and visibility was poor.

Gigi and I tool a walk and lounged in the sun. Terry and Michael were due around noon. Unlike most folks here Terry is always prompt. Her timeliness I guess it's hung over from living on the mainland and catering to mainland tourists.

True to her nature I heard Terry and Michael unloading the car at noon.

I had decided some months ago to ask Terry to com over again so Gigi and I could both get a massage. Terry suggested the open air cabana on the beach. And again true to her nature she gave us both a long relaxing massage. It was double relaxing hearing the ocean waves and feeling the warm breezes as all my stresses go massaged away.

It was the most accommodating and relaxing massage ever. If you are pet deprived, ask Terry to bring her dog Goliath. He's a friendly little pocket dog that is eager to please.

Ambrosia Body Care, call Terry or Michael 340-773-6174 or 340-643-2444

By now it was 2:40 PM and lunch was long overdue. All five of us (Goliath too) headed down the road to Lobster Reef. I have driven past this place dozens of times. It is at the end of a long dirt driveway. This place was a real dive with a million dollar view. It looked like something I would build in the backyard with some boards and plywood.

There were a few friendly cats walking around the dining area. We were the only people there.

The service was very good and the food was good too. Gigi and I both had the lobster quesadilla.

Overall this was a nice pleasant dining experience with friends.

Lobster Reef

By the time we got back it was 6 PM.

Gigi and I ate salads in the room, watched TV and went to bed.