I'm going to make 5 gallons of beer soon. For some reason I bid on a beer making kit on Ebay and won. I haven't told Gigi yet.

I think it will be fun to make and taste home made beer, but how and where in the hell will I store 5 gallons of beer?

From the picture it seems that you make it in a plastic pale. It comes with 54 bottle caps if I wanted to bottle it and if I happened to have 54 beer bottles around.

Maybe it will turn out real good and I can play around with it. I'll tell Gigi when the package arrives.


Michael Dance said...

Hey Reg, Terry and I have both made beer before (been toying with starting again here in St. Croix). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

For bottles, dark brown (or other dark color) is best for protecting the beer from sunlight, but for vanity, you can't beat Newcastle Nut Brown Ale. "The one and only" is embossed on the bottle. You need bottles with a solid lip, not twist caps (so we're talking imports). If you don't want to drink that much of someone else's beer just for the bottles, you can buy empty bottles from a home-brew supply store. They usually will have 22 ouncers, which means less bottling ( a good thing). After your first batch, you'll realize that bottling is the 2nd least fun part of beer-making, washing and sterilizing all those bottles being the worst.

The solution I found to bottling woes was The Party Pig. Its a 2 1/4 gallon self-pressurized keg. Fill two of those and you're left with less than a six-pack of your 5 gallon batch.