Linville Golf Club

Late last week a mutual fund wholesaler called me and said he was putting together a golf event in Linville, NC at the Linville Golf Club. I had just read about this course in Golf Magazine.

Linville Golf Club is one of the old original Donald Ross courses and it's hard as hell to get a round in there unless you know a member. It is closed from November 1 to May 1 so the conditions of the course are sure to be pristine this time of year along the the classic Ross design.

So I said hell yes I'll play and cleared my schedule for Wednesday.

The tee time was 9AM in Linville. It's about a three hour drive from Charlotte. So three hours for a shower and coffee. Pad in 30 minute for bad traffic or directions and this means getting up at 4AM.

True to my nature I got up early and was out of the house by 5AM.

My first stop was Morganton at a McDonalds for an Egg McMuffin and a Diet Coke. I don't mean to be ugly but this gene pool could use some stirring up. These folks had been breeding together way too long. There person that waited on me was of an indeterminate gender until he spoke.

Absent from the restaurant were any people of color both behind the counter or in the dining room. Not a single Hispanic was in sight. I felt like I had landed in the late 50's. This place felt creepy.

Well on to Linville.

I traveled up windy elevated roads for many miles. No other person or building was in site for about 15 miles. Then the directions had me take a right in the middle of no where and indicated the club was nearby.

Soon I saw the signs of angry young yuppie women in white BMWs with baseball caps and their pony tail hanging from the back. This pissed off look and dress was familiar look of a wealthy woman that I see daily in Charlotte. I never know why they are so mad. I knew the club was near.

I arrived to an old small stone clubhouse that was outdated but well maintained and elegant. Some of the old money folks there were almost comical Thurston Howell III types. Mainly they were here from Florida and the Piedmont area of NC to escape the heat of summer.

This place was nice, uncrowded and not at all snobby.

The course was the best I have ever played. It was in perfect condition and was a Donald Ross classic. Even som of the greens were crowned like so many at Pinhurst #2.

It's a shame I left what little game I have back in Charlotte. My friend Bruce told me to bring a lot of balls and a calculator. He was right. I didn't keep my score but I would guess north of 110. It was fun.