Monday, May 15, 2006 - This is a nice place here at the Carambola but its tired and in need of some refurbishment. Mainly the fixtures are in need of replacement such as furniture, lamps, mirrors and plumbing fixtures. The rest is lovely classic Caribbean architecture.

Coconut trees abound. They are beautiful and run all the way to the beach.

I spent the morning on the beach and snorkeled twice. There is really nice reef just offshore. The reef goes for maybe 100 feet to “the Wall”. The Wall is a deep plunge into the abyss.

Gigi and I decided to go to the Full Moon Bar and Grille for lunch. We still call it Cane Bay Beach Bar.

We had to pass through a herd of goats to get there. They were cute and were just walking down the road to greener pastures.

We saw Assa the cattle dog. She was friendly as usual and it gave us a chance to rub a dog.

The service was good as usual and the food was good. The view is awesome. It takes a while to get your food but it is always hot and prepared well. We ate some awesome cheese burgers with fries and onion rings.

Full Moon Bar and Grille

We then headed into Christiansted. Gigi shopped and I called friends from the harbor web cam on the boardwalk.

Gigi and I met up a few hour later at the Fort Christian Brew Pub for a few drinks. We met some folks from NC and talked the afternoon away out in the Caribbean sunshine.

We were about to leave when we were notified that crab races were about to begin. A line soon formed for people to bet on the crabs. For $2 you pick and name a crab. They write the name on a piece of tape on the back of the crab.

I bet on “Galaxy” and placed bets for others since I was third in line.

A local black woman very colorfully dressed walked through the crowd and sold bags of peanuts. She would take her money after each bag sold and buy a bottle of Budweiser.

A small child stood in the middle of the floor. A rope was attached to his ankle. He was the pivot point for a large chalk circle. Three rings were made. One small circle in the middle was where the race would start. Then a larger circle was drawn for the finish line.

After a huge crowd assembled and all bets had been places the bugle blew (kazoo) announcing the begining of the first race.

Two large buckets of crabs were turned upside down, and then the buckets were removed. The race began!

Any person caught stomping or pointing got taped to their chair. Gigi was soon taped to her chair.

Each winner was put in the “rest bucket” for the final race. The five finalists then raced. Prizes were awarded for 1st through 5th place.

By now it was 7:30 so we headed home. What a fun way to spend an afternoon.