We continue to have a turf war with my redneck mullet wearing neighbor. We call him Clifford the Big Redneck. It so easy since his name is Cliff and he is a quintessential redneck.

We have a common cul de sac that borders up to each other. I have kept the area cleared and mowed for as long as I have lived here. I planted some ornamental plants and generally left it as a nice separate shady place for all to enjoy.

A few years ago my mouth breathing redneck neighbor Cliff, bought a motorcycle or 4 wheeler for most every member of his family. He then commenced to assume we would all enjoy hearing and seeing his ignorant mullet wearing mouth breathing relatives ride and make a general nuisance all over the neighborhood.

Contrary to his beliefs the border of my property encompassed most of the area I maintained. Cliff assumed it was his property.

Soon his relatives and other mouth breathing some mullet wearing and other non-mullet wearing loud and rude rednecks starting riding on my property in particular the cul de sac. They ruined the turf and generally ignored my pleas to stop riding on my property.

Apparently in the redneck world you can declare borders without proof and then act accordingly on those declarations. Rednecks then expect to park any of their motor vehicles on any turf they declare their own.

Cliff insisted that half the cul de sac was his. Only a small part was his.

I decided to fence in the area to keep the rednecks off and called for a survey. Just as I knew, the stakes took in about 3/4 of the area Cliff claimed was his.

I put the fence up and Cliff was livid. He still believed I have encroached on his property.

So he began parking his boat, motorhome, dump trailer, pickup truck and whatever he could find on his little portion of land. I in turn had just enlarged my pasture for my horses with the newly fenced area.

That little piece of the cul de sac is his property and he can do what he pleases. So go ahead and park your stuff and don't bother to cut the grass. I believe in personal property rights.

But over our vacation in St Croix the border war situation took a turn for the worse.

Cliff took our dog Haley into his house and held her against her will. Our house sitter was frantic calling for Haley. Finally Cliff released Haley and laughed it off when our house sitter blessed him out.

Then Cliff started parking his motorhome on the street on our right of way in front of our house.

So everyday we call the NC Highway patrol and they tell Cliff to move his vehicle. And every day parks the Motorhome back on the right of way.

This morning the Highway patrol told him he would be subject to arrest if he continued to park on the right of way.

Cliff moved his Motorhome then sped out of the neighborhood.

The saga continues..........


Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog every day for awhile and think you are just sick! do you honestly not have anything better to do with your time than to write blogs about your supposed "redneck neighbor"? what do you do for a living, besides kiss your brides ass and enlarge your fences on your massive amount of property?