Wednesday, May 17, 2006 - We woke up about the same time usual and pulled back the curtains to reveal the beautiful Caribbean just outside our window. You never get tired of looking at a turquoise panorama.

This morning we had decided to eat breakfast at the hotel.

I'm not as big of a breakfast eater as I used to be but this morning I was craving an egg and toast.

We walked up to the restaurant among the sound of jack hammers and roofing tar heaters. I guess this is to be expected in the off season.

Three separate people asked us what we wanted for breakfast but no coffee or juice appeared. Finally a fourth person took charge and things started to happen. Coffee, juice, eggs, bacon, toast pancakes were the promises.

Eventually it all arrived and it was decent.

I decided to snorkel but didn't want to be along. If I observe long enough someone with equipment would show up and I could buddy with them. I guess this was instilled in me at Boy Scouts. Always have a buddy when swimming.

I saw a buxom young lady and she was with snorkel equipment. That was my queue.

Her name was Tammy. She welcomed the company and safety.

We headed out and kept each other in site as we snorkeled. As we headed to deeper water I noticed a huge fish just ahead and below. I thought it was a tuna. I pointed it out and Tammy and she signaled to me to surface. She informed me that that fish was a quite large barracuda and we best get our butts back to shore.