Major expansion is going on up at our barn. 20 years ago I built 3, 10X12 stalls. The building is 36X10 and it is built from pine lumber cut from our property. It has a metal roof, electricity and water. Frankly I thought it be rotten by now and Gigi would be over horses. But neither happened.

Gigi decide she had to expand so we are adding a 12X36 shed to the front. This will be nice especially in the winter and during rainy spells.

I ordered a on demand water heater for washing digs, horses and humans up there and it came in yesterday. I'm going to install it up at the barn and I sure hope it works as it says. It will be nice having endless hot water without the cost of a water tank that constantly heats water whether I use it or not.

I guess I need to build a modesty shower stall and place top bathe the dogs. I love taking showers outdoors.

I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks with a friend to watch college basketball and gamble. I do neither here but thought the trip would be fun. I have been practicing Craps online because that is my friends game of choice.

Gigi has a friend coming to visit her that same weekend and I think she is happy that I will be gone so she can have some girly time.


Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a nice project! I hope we get pics - of the building, not you taking a shower!

Ken said...

That pine will last plenty long enough as long as it's kept dry. As soon as you add moisture you invite the wood devils.
Perfect place for that water heater, your going to love it if you put a shower out there.
Please come over and vote for Bic.

terri said...

There's never a dull moment around your place, is there? I'm amazed at the number of projects you take on and finish.

Yes, I'm sure Gigi is looking forward to your absence. Mark once said he was thinking about staying home from his annual October hunting trip and I told him absolutely not. He could skip the hunting but he wasn't staying at home. Kacey and I look forward to those 4 days of girl time every year.