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The other day I went to a breakfast place in Myrtle Beach and watched the crowd. It was the type of restaurant where the waitress calls me sugar or darling, and men go to eat solo, smoke cigarettes, read the paper, and eat breakfast.

My observation was why in the hell do people stare and study at breakfast menus so long. It is embarrassing to watch.

People here is what you will find at most any place that serves breakfast. Memorize it.

Eggs (universal how ever you want them cooked) Omelets are a subcategory of eggs.
Meat (bacon, ham, sausage and regional favorites like liver pudding and spam)
Bread (toast, biscuits) whatever kind of bread your heart desires
Starch (potatoes, rice, grits, or some regional favorite)
Pancakes and waffles with syrup.
Coffee. Yes and they have decaf for people that drink that swill.
Juice (usually orange, grapefruit)

This is the universal breakfast menu. This is what you will find for breakfast in 99% of the continental US and most US territories.

Decide what you want on the way there and order. Check for a special omelet board on the way in if they are getting fancy that day.

You just show your ignorance at the attempt of rediscovery on a breakfast menu. There are no new breakfast foods. Someone would have told you.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

...two eggs, sunny side up, hash browns w/ onion, dry wheat toast. Unless I want a Denver....I don't need a menu...

terri said...

I have never encountered rice or grits on a breakfast menu, but of course, that's because I live way up here in the north. And liver pudding? What the heck is that?

I love breakfast food. I could (and often do) eat it for breakfast and/or lunch and dinner. Omelets are my favorite. Load 'em up with ham, green peppers, onions, lots of cheese and throw some hash browns inside too. Give me some hot sauce on the side and some buttered wheat toast and I'll be one very happy girl.

Rock Chef said...

I think we feel obliged to read these things, just in case we order and then see someone getting something really cool that we wish we had!

But you are right, breakfast doesn't change that much!

Ken said...

Just had me...two eggs over easy, country ham and wheat toast with coffee. Didn't need the menu.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Rice is a very local option in Concord, NC just north of where I live.

I grew up on grits, mostly white grits but they have yellow grits, and brown grits that are stone ground. Most people eat grits with butter, salt and Pepper. Wreg however eats them with butter and a sprinkle of sugar. My Dad taught me that and I like it.

Grits are similar to polenta. They not much more than ground corn with lime water used somewhere in the process. We eat hominy which is basically un-ground grits. They are big white swollen balls of corn kernals. It is very southern comfort food and most folks don't eat them anymore but Gigi and I do.

Liver pudding is a liver pate mixed with corn mill and pressed into a small brick. It is then sliced and fried like patty sausage. Not bad. Old south comfort food but it is still in the stores here and people buy it.