Look Out Summer...here I come

Man I have a busy travel season coming up and I like that.

First things first...Monday high looks to be in the mid to upper 60's. This is sweltering by this past winter's standards and I have declared Monday a day off. I'll do some yard work, tinker with the Jeep and may get started on the Chicken coop.

In about three weeks we dust off the RV and head to Augusta, GA for 5 days of camping by the lake and The Master's.

Then a few weeks later in May it is back to St Croix for a week at The Buccaneer Resort that I bought very cheaply on skyauction.com.

Later in May I have a trip to Boston. It is a short business trip but fun none the less.

Then comes the coveted 10 day RV trip to Jekyll Island, GA in late June and early July. This is always fun with lots of family.

My pal Thomas is trying to get me to buzz off the Vegas for a few days late this month. And I am lobbying heavily to take my nephew back to St Croix before school starts.

Between trips I plan to do a bunch of topless Jeep rides with border collies and play as much golf as I can afford.


Rock Chef said...

Sounds great! Hope you manage to meet up with Teresa when you go to Boston!

Judy said...

Are you planning to get chickens again?? Did you have any luck finding pictures for me?
All that you have planned sounds great. My plans are simple... go to lake, go to lake all I can all summer.

terri said...

Your happy season is fast approaching! Sounds like you're going to have so much fun.

I have all kinds of time off planned and no real vacation plans. Doesn't help that my 3 kids have 3 different weeks of spring break.

MELackey said...

what happenned to the last batch of chickens you had?

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

The last chickens I had last spring were my chickens and my hobby. My wife got involved and it became a constant source of marital conversation. Finally I sold the chickens and tractor on Craig's List to avoid the constant marital conversation about the damn chickens. I am confident now that the source of constant marital conversations has been corrected and I will once again be able to enjoy my chickens in peace and quiet. I miss those chickens.

Judy I haven't had the opportunity to look for St Croix chicken photos but I know I have some around. I never pass up a chance to photograph chickens walking downtown.

Hopefully soon chickens will cluck around my homestead.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I would love to meet Teresa if we both have time.

Kuckie said...

Sounds like a fun summer! I'm still trying to get our summer fun scheduled...it gets harder every year. Hey, I didn't know you got rid of your chickens!!! Hope it goes better the next time around.

And you will love Teresa...try to make the time to meet her! :)