A Good Day Planned

The "warm" weather hit yesterday and I was out in it. Honestly it was a bit chilly and windy but a welcome relief from the bitter cold winter. Today and tomorrows high's have been revised up to high 60's.

Yesterday I picked up my tickets to The Masters. They go for $200 each and honestly I could sell them for thousands now on ebay. But I wouldn't.

My Miss Anna's Hot Sauce arrived via parcel post. 17 days it took coming from the island. The box looked like it had reentered from space but all the contents were fine.

Contrary to Terri, I painted the undercarriage of my passenger Jeep seat yesterday and pulled the gear boot and plate and painted the plate black. It will look nice when I get it all back together.

Today will provide me perfect conditions for more Jeep tinkering and temperatures for a lettering on the windshield. Year one I had "Shore Patrol". Year two "Wreggie Legend". Now I am lettering "Carolina Panthers" with their unique cat scratch font in white.


Chris said...

Next year "Winnipeg Blue Bombers" or "Denver Broncos"?

I'll even send you a nice Bombers decal for your bumper.

terri said...

Was that me that questioned the painting of the undercarriage of the seat?

I think it was.

I'm glad you don't let the cynicism of others sway you from doing what you want to do. The jeep is going to look even cooler than before.

Glad to hear you had some nice weather. We did too. The freezing rain and snow never came and I was running around in a sweatshirt and no jacket!