Da 1989 Jeep

I just spent 2 days detailing my Jeep for the upcoming season.

During this time I stripped out the interior and washed the tub (interior floor) with bleach and a scrub brush. I disassembled the seats, shifter and instrument panel and painted everything. Last weekend I painted the interior doors and put on new pull knobs.

Once dried I reassembled everything but left out the back seat. This year I will be a two seater and will use the back space for dogs, coolers and other fun stuff like boat motors.

Now everything looks and smells new.

On the outside I painted some of the roof rack that showed rust. Then I cleaned throughly the Jeep and tires. Then I too a heat gun to the plastic wheel flairs to bring out the color again. I added "Back to Black" to finish them.

Then I coated the Jeep exterior paint with 2 coats of Liquid Glass.

I treated the plastic windows with a cleaner and wax.

Then I drove proudly to a local gas station and bought a 6 pack to celebrate.

I love spring.


Ken said...

Somehow I don't picture you looking for muddy roads in the back woods.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Neat, well trimmed dusty roads with ruts are okay. Not into rubbing against trees and sliding around in mud. Snow is fun in small amounts.

What I really like are two lane long country roads at a 45 MPH pace.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Oh, and I reversed the tires so the white letters are showing.

Rock Chef said...

Ah, the 6 pack sounds good. I need beer!

MELackey said...

without pictures, it didn't happen. For all we know, you spent the day laying on the couch with the 6-pack.

Coffeypot said...

So when will we see pictures of this jeep?

terri said...

It sounds pretty! What a spoiled little Jeep you have.