Two Work Days

The past couple of days have been fantastic. I am really concentrating on living in the present moment and I am getting more enjoyment out of this. I like especially that living in the moment keeps better tabs on my body and what it needs and feels. I think this can only help me in excercise and nutrition.

Tuesday morning at 7 AM I loaded in the Jeep and drove to the coast of North Carolina for a scheduled appointment with long time clients in Ocean Isle, NC. I had three appointments scheduled with long time clients so the Jeep and casual apparel was appropriate.

The drive down was fantastic. Mostly the drive was on two lane uncrowded country roads. The sunrise was spectacular.

I just settled in at 55 MPH and cruised arriving at 10:45 for my 11 AM.

We had a great meeting and lunch. We solved some problems and calmed some fears. There were equally successfule meetings at 3 and 5.

At near sunset the human instinct to find food and shelter kicked in.

I took out my trusty iPhone and fired up the Priceline App. It told me there was a fancy smancy hotel nearby with empty rooms and it suggested I bid $60 a night for the room. I did and got it. Turns out it was a super nice full service luxury Sheratan Hotel in Myrtle Beach. Nice.

In the room it wanted $10 a night for Internet. Not to worry...I again broke out my trusty iPhone and tethered it to my computer and fed 3G and connected to the Internet. Another $10 saved.

Turns out this iPhone is handy as a pocket knife.

The next morning I took about an hour walk on the beach, had breakfast and slowly drove back home a different route.

I relaxed the body and mind and made some money. How nice was that?


Ken said...

Keep that iPhone sharp.

terri said...

Sounds like a great day all around!

Phfrankie Bondo said...


Peerzada111 said...

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