Here and Now

This week I have struggled to remain in focus, on task to the present moment. Far too often, in fact most of my waking hours are consumed with what if or what should have been.

It is not that I am consumed by fears and regrets. My mind tends to lead me away from reality at hand and this causes me to loose focus on the present. It causes stress. It makes my blood pressure high. It makes me waste time.

You see, I can control the here and now but changing what was and what might be is impossible to control. Seems simple but for me it is not simple.

Some of you may not get this and I applaud you. You live in the present like a dog and I envy you. For me it is a struggle but I am enjoying this new place. If just for this week.

Now I am going to post this and walk to the bedroom, put on my pants and get Gigi some Cokes at the store.

Happy weekend everyone.


Rock Chef said...

I try not to think about changing the past - it just takes me to really bad places...

Have a great weekend, and I hope you get some good cakes!

Ken said...

I guess my life is mostly in the present but my mind is consumed by the near future. I have to *see* all my ongoing projects done and the process to get there to take the next step.
Does that make as much sense as your post?

terri said...

You and I are similar creatures, Wreg.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

I knew someone was going to get it.

I find however that when I live in the present my personality is different. I'm not as outgoing. I am too busy taking it all in. Maybe I was meant to live in the past or in the future?

Judy said...

I understand what you are saying.