Mamma Told Me Not to Come

I am in Las Vegas. While I have technically been to Las Vegas 3 times previously this is my first trip in the trenches on the strip.

The other trips involved me staying at The Green Valley Ranch just out of town with limited limo visits or well orchestrated dinners in high end casinos.

But now I’m at Harrah’s in the thick of it and it is like no other place I have seen.

What I have noticed so far:

You would not know there is a recession.

People drink a lot.

People gamble a lot.

People loose a lot of money and enjoy it.

I miss my wife.

I miss my dogs.

People walk a lot. The streets are full of people walking somewhere else.

It appears most folks do all this in shifts between naps because no one seems to get in 8 hours sleep here.

Casinos all smell the same. Like stale cigarettes and beer. Newer casinos attempt to neutralize this smell with a sickening cover-up smell.

I saw a guy take a swig of beer and projectile barf on a bar near me. Didn’t he feel that coming on?

My skin is so dry here in the desert.

A 16 oz bottle of Diet Pepsi costs $2.50.

I have watched more ESPN and horse races than I ever thought I would see in a lifetime.

A lot people take on gambling like a job.

I get lost in hotel lobbies.

Every attempt is made to recreate beauty already naturally found where you live if you just look for it. I have a beautiful running creek on my property and I am going to spend more time looking at it with my dogs. I estimate this creek would be worth $800,000 in a hotel lobby.


Ken said...

I want a creek in my lobby!

Coffeypot said...

I've been to Las Vegas for conventions and a family gathering, and I find the place mostly sad. All that glitter and sparkle and money and people living on hope. I'll take your stream anyday.

Phfrankie Bondo said...

...very enlightening, sir!...

terri said...

I love how much you see in your surroundings.

Rock Chef said...

You make it sound so classy!

Stacy said...

i would like to go