2010 Vacation Recap

I started to write this morning to defend myself on the amount of leisure time I take.

You see the book by Tim Ferris, The Four Hour Work Week, tries to do what I already do but my way is better.

I prefer to work in long spurts then take a week or so completely off. Tim professes that one should derive income some way passively, adjust your lifestyle to that income, and then enjoy.

Fortunately I don’t just work to sustain myself, I do a job I love. And I love my time off. What could be better...all the while I never shun my responsibilities of saving for retirement, health care, taxes, giving etc.

So let me recap a year in wReggie terms, February a week in St Croix, March 5 days in Las Vegas, April 6 days at The Masters, May 7 days in St Croix, July 10 days at Jekyll Island, GA, September 7 days in St Croix, October 14 days in Jekyll Island, GA, December 4 days in Banner Elk, NC, December 4 days in West Plam Beach, FL.

None of these vacations were comped and I paid for them all. All were taken inexpensively except for the annual Feb Trip to St Croix where we tend to live it up more on air fare and lodging.

Who would want to retire from a job they love and a lifestyle others dream about?

HOME WORK ASSIGNMENT - copy and paste the following into Google Translator: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch . Then set the translator to German to German. Then listen.

WARNING - Side effects of this blog may include: gas with oily discharge, headache or diarrhea.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

...My guess is you should't have to defend anything to anybody.

Phfun translate thingy!...

Rock Chef said...

Sounds like a great life - no need to defend it!

Long may your vacations continue!

MELackey said...

I still can't imagine where someone gets off questioning your leisure time, unless they are a Democrat. You are a business owner in a service related industry (financial services). If you don't serve your customers, they will go elsewhere.

It is quite obvious that your business is successful enough to afford you some luxuries in life (you don't seem to live extravagantly, but you aren't at poverty level either).

My thought is that you have managed to work hard enough to build your business to the point that you are able to maintain the level of service your clients expect while still being able to take the recharge time for yourself that you need.

You, my friend, have achieved what the rest of us dream about.

Jay said...

I'm always amazed at how concerned people are with how much leisure time other people have. Or feel that other people shouldn't be making as much money as they do. Not CEO's and people like that either.

I know many, many people who honestly believe that middle class and working class people make too much and have too much time off.

It's never made any sense to me at all.

matshorts said...

Oh man, my co-workers are always saying... "you take too much vacation" I say, uhh, I use all 4 weeks of it, why wouldn't you. And their response, oh I am just so busy.

And those are the ones who are (more) miserable than I am at my company. At this point in time, I work only to support myself, my family and my vacations. I do like my job, but one day I hope to be in a job I really love and balance everything out.

Jay Gray said...

You lazy bum :)

Any chance you pass by Jax on your way to West Palm? I'll be honest, I have no idea where West Palm is in relation to me!

Jay Gray said...

Matt, most people who are "too busy" are too lazy or unorganized. There is not a single job in my company that should take more than 40 hours a week, yet you see people working 50 and saying they are just so busy.