I have become a big fan of fresh exterior paint. Preferably satin or gloss finish.

My house now has a new fresh coat of paint and it looks so good. Come on winter.

The bathhouse/Laundry on the campground just got a fresh coat and it looks so good. The bathhouse is painted turquoise with cream trim. You know how I like rich colors….even gaudy some may say.

My RV steps have multiple colors of paint and although they are dirty the brilliant paint stands through.

On Tuesday I was at a business that was actually an old house that was receiving a traditional paint job of light gray with white trim and the wooden decking painted battleship gray. It all looked so neat and tidy.
Yes good old paint delivers. Put it on correctly with good primer and use good quality paint and you have an exterior to express colors and character.


Phfrankie Bondo said...

you are like a paint groupie...

Ken said...

light grey, a tad of dark grey and a slew of white, make for a very pleasing to the eye combination.