Recovery Missions

I have been asked to lead 4 recovery missions underwater.

Two are anchor recoveries from two different lakes. An anchor with chain and all the rigging gets expensive.

Another is a golf bag recovery at out club from a pond. The bag was on a push cart with an umbrella when the wind kicked up and took it to the middle of the pond. He wants me to wait until after the insurance pays before I recovery it.

The last recovery mission is most intriguing. About 5 years ago my brother in law was repairing a 30 foot cruiser when it caught fire and sunk in 60 feet of water. The boat rests in a fresh water mountain lake.

Our mission is to recover tools and a sealed bottle of Grey Goose Vodka on board.

Once I get my dry suit in and a few dives on it then I’ll be ready to tackle these cold water dives.

NEW- North Carolina is dead to me.


Phfrankie Bondo said... all means, get the vodka...

Ken said...

Any video of that flying golf bag?

Rock Chef said...

Moving onto the maritime savage business, huh? Getting paid to do what you enjoy can't be bad!