My State is a Very....

The State of North Carolina can kindly kiss my ass.

Today the former Governor is working out a plea deal to avoid prison while the former house speaker is doing hard time. The state government is crooked as a dog’s hind leg. But I knew that.

The coast and especially the Outer Banks are covered in mosquitoes and storms. It is cold and rainy in the winter and dreadfully hot in the summer and there are hurricanes. The waters are treturous hence, The Graveyard of the Atlantic as her waters are known by.

The mountains are cold and rainy.

The middle of the state is orange clay and looks like anywhere else in the lower 48. Nothing special, a McDonalds, Home Depot, a closed box store, interstate highways and trees.

Income and sales taxes are way too high.

But NC has been home for 54 years. But still NC….kiss my ass.

This blog is going paperless. All content is electronic and you should feel good! I might go and could my curly bulbs now.


Ken said...

Yikes, you need a Grey Goose!

terri said...

Clearly, you are in a mood. I think it's St. Croix time.

BTW, thanks for the live cam link the other day. I kept it up on my computer all day long and it made me feel warm.