Last evening when the sun went down….

We had a few folks over to help with chores. The construction is winding down for now.

I decided it was time to build the first fire of the season on the deck fireplace. We drank a few beers, ate a few oysters on the half shell and watched it get dark.

In the background is my guest house. Yes…I know…I need to clean the gutters.

Then I went inside and watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on Netflix on demand. That is one damn freaky movie that I’ll retire for another 20 years.

NOTE: This blog has gone green for your benefit. The writer now bathes in Bambu Earth Soap and allows chicken feces to return to the earth naturally. Plus I recycle, I like windmills and puppies and even use those darn curly lights President Bush made us use, the ones full of mercury. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy without me having to really do anything constructive.


Ken said...

I'll always love a good fire.

Phfrankie Bondo said... like-um fire heap good...