Home again

We are finally home after our fall recess.

Yesterday was spent packing and traveling.

Apparently there is fabled lore in dog’s worlds of their masters leaving them behind trapped forever at an unfriendly campground….where they are left to fend for themselves among wild animals.

At least my dogs think this. They all have a knowing when the train is leaving and like a good Baptist they want to be in that number when the saints go marching in. So they become a pain in the ass running to the door and huddling around my feet.

We decided to walk them all and put them in the vehicle for the last hour and it turns out this is a great idea.

Logically Gigi takes three dogs in the 87 4Runner. She makes a big nest in the back and the all sleep. Two dogs and Boscoe the parrot ride with me in the tow vehicle. Then we talk to each other up and down the highway on a two way radio planning fuel and food stops.

Boscoe even knows when we are a few miles from home.

NOTE: This blog is going green. The writer now bathes in Bambu Earth Soap and allows chicken feces to return to the earth naturally. Plus I recycle, I like windmills and puppies. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy without me having to really do anything constructive.


terri said...

Of course your dogs worry about getting left behind. They have a pretty damn good life with you and don't want to lose it! :-)