I Am So Angry!

My day to be mad and angry, but I am happy. I thought it was just me that thought the current government was not only liars and thieves but they intended to do harm to the unborn my spending their money now. But it looks as if I wasn’t alone.

I will now go outside and moonwalk.

I borrow the words from a victory post two years ago and substitute a few words.

Happy Liberation Day!!

It is officially Liberation Day in the Jekyll Island Campground.

The people who really matter are THRILLED today. We are ecstatic to see the end of the evil empire and the dawn of the age of hope and truth. Even though it was overcast and gloomy outside today, I personally felt liberated from the Bar-ac-sh-it that we’ve endured for the past 2 friggin’ years! I just want to break out in song!

We’re home tonight drinking wine and we may go out to toast the new government with friends. Yes! Let the celebration continue.

But then, let’s get up in the morning, roll up our sleeves and get to work fixing the mess we’ve been left!


Rock Chef said...

Glad you are pleased with the way things turned out.

It seems pretty clear from here that you aren't alone. But maybe that is because I watch a lot of Fox News?

matshorts said...

i am glad you are optimistic. I, on the other hand, am not, haven't been and won't be for a while. And I am OK with that. SSDD for me.

If I owned a company and had the senate/house as my employees they would constantly be fired and turnover would be high for not coming together and getting the job done.

Every election is about the same thing.. out with old in with the new. New blood in there is great as long as everyone doesn't sit with their arms crossed and not compromise. And this goes for all parties involved.

Ken said...

Team DC Sucks

Rand Paul now gets a family benifit package for the rest of his life paid for by you and me.


Let's just go get Iran, that will make everything better. Think of all the unborn jobs!