Yesterday I hosted a meeting of the Bull Shitting Bourbon Sipping Society (BSBSS) of Lockwood Folly.

This group meets weekly on Friday afternoon at a client’s home in Lockwood Folly, NC (love the name) and the clients name believe it or not is Reggie. His home is next to the club house and on the golf course. 
The rules are simple….one person each week brings bourbon, any bourbon and pours, then hides the bottle. Everyone in attendance throws a $5 in a box to offset the cost of Makers Mark which is the house bourbon.

I made a toast which is my usual….”To us…and those who want to be like us.”

Everyone tasted and rated my bourbon very high. Turns out that it was one of the best they had ever sampled. After everyone judged I revealed my choice. 

I brought Prichard's Double Barreled Bourbon Whiskey at a cost of about $50 a bottle. 

We then polished off a gallon of Makers Mark and headed off to dinner for some steaks and ribs.

What a fun evening. 

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Ken said...

Double barrel.....

You sure as hell ain't talking hot dogs.

terri said...

I want to be like you.