My Saturday

The finished product....cold beer anyone?

I built this picnic table about 10 years ago with plans off the Internet. I liked it because the plans were free, the table is 8 feet long, and it was simple enough for even me to follow along and build.

But after I built it I became frustrated with the bench and table top. Why so many 2X4s and why such a narrow bench? It hurt my butt and drinks would spill over easily with all the board joints.

Then I thought It would be darn nice to have a big umbrella mounted in the middle but the way it was built wouldn’t allow for a hole in the center.

So I thought….what would Mic do? By God he would build a new one out of African Mahogany and pin stripe it before he applied a mirror gloss finish.

But I decide to add a few new wider boards, reuse what I could and off set the middle support so I could build a center support for an umbrella.

Yes part of that table top are boards that once sat asses. My guests will sit on that side.

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Judy said...

Good Job!!! Our Daddy would be impressed! Remember the little stool he built in shop class?

Unknown said...

Were you wearing your WWMD? tee shirt as you worked?

Now I gotta ponder MY picnic table....Hmmmmmmm.... What Would Mic Do?....

Ken said...

I really don't think I would do any more than you did for a pickynic table, but I know I sure as hell would pull off all those little stapled on bar codes.

I'm thinking maybe some rum and pineapple with lots of ice, instead of that beer too.