Sour Dough Bread

I love good “sour” sour dough bread. There is one grocery chain in town that has pretty good sour dough twang to their bread. That chain locally is Harris Teeter.

When ever I visit San Francisco I buy and eat sour dough bread because San Francisco is the Napa Valley of bread. Fortunately Napa Valley is nearby and sour dough bread goes so well with wine. 

Bread and wine is what the Lord ate at The Last Supper and I can understand the selection quite well. 

I am going to San Francisco again next week and rest assured I’ll load up on some sour dough bread. They even bake it at the airport in San Francisco and it is good there too. 

But I have decided to tame my long term jonesing by making my own sour dough starter.

So far I am into this starter about 4 days and the wild yeast is bubbling and the smells are good.  

Of course you will be the first to see when the first loaf comes rolling out of the oven.

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Ken said...

Cool! Hoping your dough is sour!

Unknown said...

Bread and wine...the body and blood of Christ...or some such nonsense.

I DO know there are a lot of tricks to getting a good crunchy loaf.

Much research must be done.

Perhaps even hiring a detective.